last updated 09/06/2018
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At Bentley, I was a Product Design intern during Summer 2017 on the team for Bentley's largest product, Microstation, a CAD software for 3D infrastructure modeling. I worked on a few projects during my time at Bentley.

  • Shrinkwrap: This feature "wraps" a 3D model with a quadrilateral mesh, making sure all the vertices are connected to ensure watertight-ness, a necessity for 3D printing. I first tested user workflows of how one would shrinkwrap different kinds of models: architectural, infrastructure, plant, or geospatial and printed them to examine their strength and condition i.e. what types of structural elements are unable to be shrinkwrapped?

    After gaining a working knowledge of the shrinkwrap feature, I helped develop for it. I implemented a union find algorithm for the generation of a mesh. Union find helped determine whether a vertice has already been visited, so that it would not be visited again, increasing the efficiency of shrinkwrapping.

  • Geometry API: I helped develop parts of Bentley's core geometry libraries dealing with trigonometry and rotational axes that are extensively used in Bentley's CAD programs.